Monday, April 18, 2011

Partial success

I was a total slacker and did not take photos of the process (sorry about that!).
We didn't succeed in the red velvet bon bon department yet. The walnut butter smelled soooo good but the texture wasn't quite right. I think it needs a little more texture. You know that aftertaste walnuts sometimes cause? It was there & we need to figure out how to work around that. I love walnuts & chocolate together so I am not sure if walnut butter is right with white chocolate. Take two will involve brazil nut butter. Also natural food coloring doesn't have the same ooomph as fake food coloring.

We decided to do two macadamia centers to be dipped in mango flavored white chocolate. One was lemon (wicked yummy) and the other was coconut (also wicked yummy!). I can not decide which one I like better. 

Not sure how I feel about flavoring oil for chocolate...

I evidently I have a lot to learn about flavoring chocolate because I overdid it & had to throw out a batch! This stinks for several reasons...1. this is not cheap chocolate.....2. How horrible to actually throw chocolate away? I mean seriously?

Take two!


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