Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let the testing begin!

Today is testing day at Gabbie's Goodies. Trav has an infinity for red velvet cake so he is going to invent a red velvet bon bon. He is going to start with freshly made walnut butter (the pistachio cardamom tastes so much better since I started making the butter myself so we are going to make our own walnut butter too) since the cake of his childhood had walnuts sprinkled on top. Of course we will never use artificial flavors or colors so we had to order some of the flavoring oils & natural food coloring.

I can not wait to try them! Can he create the cheesecake frosting his grandma used to make using white chocolate? We shall see.....

I have been thinking about mango a lot lately. First of all I love mangoes and second of all they pair well with several types of nuts so the mango seems like a natural fruit version of a Gabbie's Goodies bon bon. I always want chocolate but I know lots of people that don't care for chocolate that much (I know, that is really weird). I wanted to come up with a fruity, nutty bon bon. At first I thought lime would be a wonderful flavoring for the nut butter but when I saw organic lemon flavor on sale at Whole Foods I changed my direction. I have no idea what I am going to do with lemon sugar but c'mon doesn't that sound so good???


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