Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hopefully Our Gourmet Bon Bons will be in Good Health soon!

We have submitted a proposal to Good Health Natural Foods of Hanover & Quincy. We shop at the store in Hanover & highly recommend them. Gabbie's Goodies is a perfect fit for this store as they carry high quality natural & organic products. Their supplement section is fabulous! Also they support local businesses which we really appreciate that!

Stay tuned Gabbie's Goodies fans.....hopefully an announcement will come soon! And you can buy our goodies locally!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Create Your Own HEALTHY energy bar??

Here is your chance to win 12 Element Bars! A fellow blogger called The Pretend Chef is having a contest. Click on the blog name & enter. Hurry it ends soon!

My bar creation involved Peanut Butter & Chocolate....I am so predictable! 

Our Blog is linked to Boston Food Bloggers!

We recently got linked up to Boston Food Blogger! This is very exciting first of all to be linked to anything is awesome & also it will help get the word out about our wonderful treats!

We are still being found by new customers. I will really be working on getting a better presence on the web & could use your help. 

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And lastly, link us on your own blog! Tell all your friends about us. We appreciate it so much & hope to win them over one bon bon at a time.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Check out the new threads!

In order to help spread the word about Gabbie's Goodies locally we got some snazzy hats, shirts & aprons. Now Travis can sport a nice Gabbie's Goodies shirt & hat while he is handing out free bons bons to local businesses.

 See I told you he looked snazzy! This is Travis co-owner of Gabbie's Goodies!

Sawyer sporting the Gabbie's Goodies hat. Sawyer has also been our official salesperson spreading happiness via bon bon. He gives out samples & goes with his Dad to market us. He is as charming as he is handsome.
Here is Gabbie wearing the apron. I can see Gabbie & I handing out samples at Whole Foods one day! 

SO if you are local look for us!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Flavors Available!

We have three new flavors for sale on our website so come on over & get some!

Coconut Macadamia
Hazelnut Latte
Lemon Macadamia

Let me tell you....the Coconut Macadamia is TO DIE FOR if you love coconut. I have a full time job at EHS & our IT guy Ruben practically made a fool of himself after he tried one of them. Now I know what to get Ruben on his birthday!

The Hazelnut Latte is fast becoming my new favorite which is strange since I am not the biggest hazelnut fan. The combination of coffee kissed hazelnut & dark chocolate is divine.

Here is the photo of the Hazelnut Latte Bon Bon. I mean how gorgeous is that? I ate two for breakfast this morning with my cup of coffee. SO.GOOD.

I already posted photos of the other new flavors but they are so pretty I am going to post them again.

Mother's day is around the corner so place your orders now! She will be thrilled & you will get serious points.

Happy Spring!