Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our first BIG order

Environmental Health Services, Inc ( ordered 40 boxes to give out to their clients. At first I said "no problem!" not having to fill such a large order before. Once we started making, rolling, dipping, packaging all 240 bon bons I thought different! I work full time & we have two children so we are still trying to find the balance starting & operating a new business together. There are a few things I learned during this process.

1. We make a great team. Travis & I shared the responsibilities & since we are both hard workers we got the job done.
2. Gabbie isn't just the namesake, she is a worker too. Now she didn't help as much as I wanted her to but she grabbed a hair net & gloves & pitched in. (I will try to get a picture of her in a hair net next time)
3. We need a chocolate tempering machine. This delicate process takes a lot of time & if you make the chocolate too warm you will not get the gorgeous shiny finish. Having a machine will cut the tempering time down considerably & will keep the chocolate at the right temperature during the entire dipping process so I do not keep having to bring the temp up on a double boiler a million times!

This was a great experience & it helped us envision how we will pull this awesome business off when orders start pouring in. Lastly, it made me thankful to God for the blessing. All these things are a gift from Him.

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